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The health and safety of our customers is always our priority. As an essential health services provider, we adhere to the highest sanitisation standards.

Including our VICTORIAN clinics, we welcome you to visit our clinics but if you prefer over the phone care, our TeleHealth Audiology can offer the following remote services :

Renew your maintenance plans directly over the phone
Conduct a remote client review with one of our expert audiologists
Arrange to have new batteries mailed to your home


Small and discreet hearing aids.


Connect using latest technology.


Rechargeable hearing aids.


Hearing aids, for any budget.
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Ask us about Government Subsidies & Funding Options

The Federal Government Hearing Services Program manages the delivery of subsidised hearing aids to eligible clients. Talk to us to understand your eligibility and funding options.

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What is hearing loss?

Today one in six Australians have some degree of hearing loss.

How can we prevent hearing loss?

The key is understanding how much damage loud sounds can cause.