About Us

Same great service, Fresh new look.

National Hearing Care is proud to be part of Amplifon - the global leader in hearing solutions. 

Over the next few months you'll notice some changes to the look of National Hearing Care. We're updating our logo, font, and colours to better reflect our forward-looking mindset, and our commitment to changing the way hearing healthcare is delivered in Australia. 

We'll definitely be standing out a little more, but what won't change is our continued passion for our customers, and our commitment to helping you rediscover all the emotions of sound. 

National Hearing Care

As Australia's largest independent hearing service provider we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer.

Our Mission

The National Hearing Care mission is to transform the way hearing healthcare is perceived and experienced worldwide, changing the lives of millions of customers through the passion and superior care of our people. 

Our History

National Hearing Care started as just three clinics when it was founded in 1997. It has since grown to become the leading independent hearing healthcare services provider in Australia, offering a range of hearing aid products and hearing test options.

In 2010, after 13 years of operation, National Hearing Care joined the Amplifon Group. Amplifon has operated globally for 65 years, with a mission to improve the quality of life for individuals experiencing hearing loss.

National Hearing Care is owned independently of hearing aid manufacturers and can therefore offer its clients unbiased advice on the best hearing loss treatments to suit their lifestyle, hearing loss condition and budget. Today, National Hearing Care has one of the most extensive networks of clinics in Australia, with over 250 regional and metropolitan clinics leading the way in hearing loss technology, testing and treatment.

Our Services

National Hearing Care offers a range of services to look after all your hearing needs, from diagnosing hearing difficulties, to fitting, servicing and maintaining hearing aids. Below is a list of the services which are offered at National Hearing Care: