The fabulous fifties

A decade of ground breaking music.
Jun, 25, 2019

The 50s was a pretty uneventful time really... I mean other than colour TV, seat belts, the polio vaccine, DNA, Velcro, hula hoops, the first organ transplant, Queen Lizzie, LEGO, Sputnik, NASA, communism and the usual political and social revolutions, nothing really happened, did it?

Lucky we had some great music!

An era of icons

The 50s set off a chain of events that would change music for generations to come. Rock ‘n’ roll took off thanks to Les Paul (who really gave the electric guitar the kick it needed) and a certain Elvis Aaron Presley. Frank Sinatra turned his career around, Chuck Berry brought the house down with wailing guitar solos, Johnny Cash somehow made country cool and Nina Simone put a spell on everyone. How the world managed to fit all those personalities (and plenty of others) into just ten years really is an achievement.

Take a trip down memory lane and have a listen to some of the tracks that made it a truly ground breaking time for music.

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