Hearing technology that improves quality of life

Discreet design, cutting-edge technology, apps that intuitively interact with your hearing aid and wireless streaming of sounds are just some of the advances in hearing aid technology allowing people with hearing loss to feel more confident and connected with the world.

We’re constantly working with various hearing aid manufacturers to bring the best technology to our customers. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to lead full and active lives. There are some incredible advances in technology, innovations which can even allow you to forget that you have hearing loss. Here’s the latest.

Tuning in to life
Hearing aids have been getting progressively smaller. These days the level of sophistication in the design of hearing aids has produced some powerful functions. Modern hearing aids can allow wearers access to sound coming from all directions, offer focus on specific sound and allow streaming directly from smart phones. All of these features allow hearing aids to be customised to suit the individual preference.

Depending on your level of hearing loss, you may be fitted with one of three different types of hearing aid:

  1. Behind the ear (BTE), which is generally suitable for all types of hearing loss.
  2. Receiver in the ear (RIE). Similar to the above but the receiver is mounted externally on a tube that sits within the ear canal.
  3. Custom in the ear (ITE). This hearing aid is custom- made to fit the individual contours of the ear canal. This is especially useful for those who wear glasses, head coverings or hats.

Modern hearing aids are coated with a thin layer of a substance protecting the device from ear wax, moisture and dust. Size does matter when it comes to hearing aids and the smaller the better. Some of the latest options in the market allow you to stream sound directly from a smart phone, and intuitively personalise your hearing experience.

Personalise your hearing experience
Smart phone apps that are compatible with your hearing aids allow you to discreetly fine-tune your hearing aids to your unique tastes and ensure you hear the sounds important to you. The best apps include features such as:

  • Volume control, including the management of bass and treble
  • Wind filters that reduce the amount of intrusive wind noise
  • A finder function that allows you to locate your hearing aids at close range or at a distance
  • Separate volume control for your audio or surrounds when streaming audio from a TV or sound system
  • The ability to make ‘favourite’ settings for certain situations like traffic and busy spaces
  • Functions to reduce noise levels in loud environments so speech is easier to understand.


Streaming Sound
You can significantly extend your hearing range with a microphone; again these are compact and understated. Imagine streaming voices and sounds from up to 25 metres away directly to your hearing aids even with background noise. Or being able to connect to your music player or TV and tailor the volume to your hearing loss. This is especially useful when you are watching TV with others as they can listen at a volume that is comfortable for them, as can you. So, there will be no fighting over the remote.

At National Hearing Care we recognise your hearing needs are unique and we would love to help you find the perfect tailor-made solution. Simply schedule your free hearing test at your local clinic today.

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