Join a Club and Stay Connected

If you have hearing loss, an excellent way to stay engaged and continue learning is to join a club. Engaging with others provides a great sense of purpose, keeps you connected to your community; and you can share experiences and learn new ways of managing hearing loss.

With one in six Australians affected by hearing loss, you are not alone. So why not join a group in an activity that interests you, as it will improve your health, outlook and broaden your circle of friends.

It is also good to include a physical activity as this improves mental health, maintains muscle strength and flexibility, reduces the risk or impact of falls, and retains independence. You could consider activities such as walking, bowling, croquet, golf and even table tennis.

To find what is available in your area you might consider referring to the following resources:

  • Council programs
  • Library noticeboards
  • Shopping centers
  • Senior citizens centers
  • Men’s sheds
  • Medical centers
  • Rotary club


You can even start your own club – you are only limited by your interests, for instance you could consider cooking, crafts, coffee club, book club, cards, games and knitting - there are many ways to meet people and have fun.

Additional resources are also available by way of organizations that share a calendar of events so you can join in other group activities, or they provide a platform for you to promote a club:

About Over 50

This website features information on hobbies, health, travel, retirement as well as recipes, friendship clubs, tours, games, holidays, fun social trips, clubs and much more.

Meet Up

This is a terrific online destination to seek out like mined people who share the same interests as you. It covers groups across a mixed age range and an incredibly diverse range of interest from food, to science, hiking, writing, reading, theatre, bushwalking and language.

COTA Australia – for older Australians

A peak national organisation representing the rights, needs and interests of older Australians. COTA Australia is the national policy and advocacy arm of the COTA Federation, which comprises COTAs in each State and Territory.

Deafness Forum of Australia

A peak national body representing all interests and viewpoints of the one in six Australians who experience hearing loss or are deaf.

Better Hearing Australia

This not-for-profit organisation holds coffee mornings and other social events where you can learn and engage with your peers.

You may already be involved in a group or wanting to start one, we would love to hear about it.

We hope these ideas have given you the confidence to participate in something new, seize the day!