Sonic seasonings: songs to eat to

Would you like tunes with that tuna?

Let’s face it, food and music go pretty well together. Restaurateurs have been using sound to enhance the dining experience since, well, probably the original Bacchanalian feasts. And there are scores of songs celebrating food – in the immortal screams of The Descendants, ‘I like food, food tastes good’. It might not be profound, but it sure is true.

More tantalisingly, though, recent research has shown that certain types of sound can enhance certain flavours in food. According to psychologists, Pavarotti, for example, brings out the intensity of dark chocolate mousse. Pumpkin crème brulee goes nicely with the warmth of Billie Holliday. And one of Heston Blumenthal’s signature dishes, ‘Sound of the Sea,’ consists of urchins and oysters paired with a soundtrack of crashing ocean waves.

Of course, not every meal can be perfectly matched with a playlist. (A bittersweet symphony, that’s life). But here’s a start(er).

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