Sound Asleep

Can certain sounds help us sleep?

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important – it helps your body recover and is critical for mental wellbeing and memory consolidation. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more difficult it can be to sleep deeply, which may contribute to age-related memory loss. Thankfully, there may be a simple way to help us sleep a little deeper.

Pink noise synced to brain waves.

A study by Northwestern Medicine has found that while we sleep, gentle sounds synchronized to our brainwaves may enhance deep sleep and improve memory. ‘In the study, 13 participants 60 and older received one night of acoustic stimulation and one night of sham stimulation … the individuals took a memory test at night and again the next morning. Recall ability after the sham stimulation generally improved on the morning test by a few percent. However, the average improvement was three times larger after pink-noise stimulation.’

The sound of progress.

The study used an innovative piece of technology (that they plan on commercialising for wider use) that actually monitored brainwaves in real time and adjusted the sounds the sleepers were hearing to maximise the results. Although the researchers acknowledge that larger studies are needed, the plan is to make the technology accessible in the home and to help develop an effective, non-medication approach to improving deep sleep and memory in older adults.

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