Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In the digitally connected world we now live in, hearing aid technology has become much more powerful and innovative. It now enables access to everyday devices to those who wear hearing aids. In the past, hearing aid wearers would have had to remove their hearing aid in order to listen to music, podcasts and watch television. But with the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity, users have the ability to listen to their devices through their hearing aids, with an array of audio options to choose from.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology using radio waves, which works within a short range. It enables two or more electronic devices to be connected securely, such as phones and computers, without the need for cables. Similarly, this technology has been applied to hearing aids, in order to transform them into a wireless set of earphones, connecting hearing aid users to their devices. Bluetooth hearing aids connect to their devices either directly or through a third-party device called a “bluetooth hearing aid streamer”.

How Can Bluetooth Hearing Aids Help Me?

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are customisable for your listening experience. You can choose to stream the sound through both hearing aids for example whilst watching television, or you can choose to listen through just one hearing aid, as if you are on the phone.
You can limit the amount of volume streaming through the device and tailor the settings to create a more natural listening experience, whilst removing feedback and creating clarity of sound.
Bluetooth hearing aids enable you to control the settings from both the hearing aid and the device, creating an easy and consistent assisted listening experience across multiple platforms and devices.

Contact one of our friendly hearing care professionals to learn about how the technology in hearing aids can help those experiencing hearing loss. We have an extensive range of hearing aids featuring the latest in Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth features in hearing devices will depend on the type of device and the level of technology within it. Some devices may need additional accessories to integrate bluetooth features.