Client Feedback Policy

At National Hearing Care we are all accountable for our actions and decisions. We recognise good feedback management is vital for quality customer service.

Receiving negative feedback from a client is not something we ever look forward to, but we never want a client or one of our providers to have a poor experience with us and feel they cannot tell us about it.

This is why we have developed our client feedback policy in line with our values as an organisation – with our client at the centre of what we do.


Our clients and providers have the right to provide feedback to us, including making a complaint, in whatever form of communication they choose, and to have the confidence we will receive their feedback courteously and act on it professionally, quickly and fairly.

For negative feedback, our resolution process aims to restore the client to the position they would have been had their complaint not been necessary.

We believe that all client and provider feedback – both positive and negative – presents an opportunity for our ongoing improvement.


The principles in this policy apply to all National Hearing Care employees, contractors and suppliers.

All complaints must be managed in accordance with National Hearing Care’s client feedback process.

Definition of a complaint
Our definition of a complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction about a service or product provided by National Hearing Care or our representatives, lodged by a complainant or their representative, verbally or in writing, relating to a specific episode, occurrence or failure in provision of service.

Responsible department
The Customer Support Department of National Hearing Care is the department responsible for the management and recording of all client feedback, including complaints and the overall coordination of the client feedback management process.

National Hearing Care Customer Support Department 
By Phone: 1800 062 880
By Post: National Hearing Care, 89-91 Peters Avenue, Mulgrave VIC 3170

The centralised management of complaints through the Customer Support Department ensures that feedback is actioned appropriately in accordance with our client feedback management process.

The Customer Support Department is also responsible for reporting to management on feedback and complaint outcomes, statistics and trends, and for making recommendations to management.

The process
The key elements of our client feedback management process are:
• In instances where clients or providers ask for the contact details of how to lodge any feedback – whether positive or negative - employees must provide the contact details of the Customer Support Department.
• Any complaints received by NHC employees from clients must be provided to the Customer Support Department as soon as possible.
• While anonymous feedback is welcome, in most cases we require identifying details to properly investigate and resolve complaints.
• All complaints are treated confidentially.
• All complaints will be thoroughly investigated in an objective ad unbiased manner, and in a timely manner.
• Complainants will be advised of the outcome of their complaint as soon as possible. We will aim to acknowledge a complaint within3 business days and reply to a written complaint within 10 business days.