Ear infections

Ear related infections and diseases

Middle ear infections are common, but there are other ear diseases that can affect your sense of balance and hearing. Often they are harmless, but as for all ear diseases, the sooner they are recognised and treated, the better the chances of recovery are.

Anytime you feel discomfort in your ear that you feel may just be ear wax build up, do your best to avoid meddling with your ear canal. You could be suffering from more serious conditions without your knowledge and it’s best to leave the solutions finding process with the doctors. 

Temporary hearing loss is more often than not a symptom of another condition such as otosclerosis where a small bone in your ear gets stuck. A perforated eardrum on the other hand can cause a ringing in your ear. Whatever it is you may be suffering from, make sure to see your specialist as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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