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Recharge quickly without fiddling with batteries

Power up and feel confident getting through your day without fiddling with batteries. The latest rechargeable hearing aids charge quickly when you need to top up, or charged overnight so you’re always good to go.

The latest hearing aids offer exceptional sound quality, allowing speech to be heard more clearly and improving listening in difficult hearing situations. These hearing aids can be controlled from your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can now hear phone conversations and music directly through your hearing aids. The Lithium ion rechargeable hearing aids are so simple to use, with no need to remove or replace batteries. Learn more about hearing aid technology at your free appointment.

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    ree hearing tests are available for people 26 years and over. To be eligible for the discount off Lithium Ion rechargeable hearing aids, full payment must be made at time of fitting and purchase made between 1 June 2019 – 30 June 2019. Hearing Services Programme (HSP/ OHS), Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Insurance who choose to top-up will be eligible for this discount on the client funded portion. For full terms click here or visit your local National Hearing Care clinic.