Hearing Aid Accessories

Remote controls, Bluetooth and microphones

From sophisticated hearing aid technology to comfortable remote controls for your hearing aid, to the comprehensive cleaning program, your Amplifon Audiologist/ Hearing care professional will find plenty of useful accessories for your hearing aids.

Hearing aid high quality accessories

Equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, the latest generation hearing aids are a real innovation to make their everyday lives easier. It is now possible to connect your hearing aid to a phone, television or other sound source and receive the sound directly into your hearing aids.

Thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, your autonomy and communication are facilitated. Connectivity accessories help you improve the listening performance of your hearing aids. Real comfort everyday!

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Remote controls for hearing aids

Control your hearing instrument quickly and easily - this works perfectly with innovative, powerful remote controls that we at National Hearing Care like to introduce. There is, for example, the multifunctional remote control for hearing aids with a lot of practical functions, eg. Volume and program selection keys, Home key to reset and key lock. Or Unite remote control, that can control  your hearing aids with various program buttons and volume control.


Bluetooth streamers for TV and MP3

You can listen to your TV, radio or MP3 player directly in your hearing aids with wireless digital audio transmission. This robust and reliable communication system guarantees noise-free audio transmission with no perceptible delay and no feedback.


Powerful directional microphones

A useful addition is the Remote Mic hearing aid microphone, which allows you to talk in a noisy environment and over distances, and keep track of it very well.

Thanks to technological advances, hearing aids are more innovative than ever before. But there may be times when your hearing aids are not enough: too much noise, people too far away or behind you...

The wireless microphones have been specially designed to improve your hearing performance in all situations:

  • In noisy environments as in the restaurant, the remote microphone allows you to follow the conversation without being bothered by the surrounding noises.
  • In a meeting or group conversation, The wireless microphone focuses on speech and adapts automatically when the speaker changes.
  • In the car, the wireless microphone allows you to perfectly understand your passengers when they are behind you.

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