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Cleaning products for your hearing aid

Taking care of your hearing aids is important as it allows you to maintain high performance levels for your hearing aid, as well as help minimise any potential problems that may occur from everyday use. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids can extend its life, and ensure that you are capturing all the sounds of everyday life.

Hearing aids are your daily companion and are therefore used in all situations that life throws at you. Your hearing aids can become soiled by sweat, cosmetics or ear wax. For this reason, regular cleaning is recommended.

To properly care and clean your hearing aids, National Hearing Care offers the Ampliclear range of products for cleaning and maintenance. This product range not only keeps your device hygienically clean, but can also extend its lifespan.

The Ampliclear hearing aid cleaning range includes drying cups, drying capsules, air blower, airspray and the PerfectDry Lux. Contact your local National Hearing Care clinic to learn more about the Ampliclear hearing aid cleaning product range.

Our hearing aid cleaning kit

The Ampliclear range includes everything you need to take care of your hearing aids. It consists of wipes, cleaning tablets, cleaning spray and air spray allowing you to do a thorough cleaning at home. These hearing aid cleaning products are specially adapted for all types of hearing aids.

Daily cleaning with our hearing aid cleaning kit will allow you to maintain the comfort and performance of your devices. In addition to this, taking care of your hearing aids can optimise their lifespan.

Cleaning wipes and spray

For the maintenance of your hearing aids, the Ampliclear range offers you a cleaning wipe or cleaning spray. These products eliminate earwax and have an anti-bacterial effect.

Products to dry your hearing aid

Drying capsules are specially designed to help you eliminate moisture and perform optimal drying of your hearing aids. You can also choose the Ampliclear PerfectDry Lux hearing aid drying box, which not only eliminates moisture and water from your hearing aids, but also helps to limit the proliferation of bacteria through its UV system.

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