Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries sent by post

Many of our hearing aids require batteries of various sizes to get the most out of your hearing aid. Hearing aid batteries can vary in size and cost and at National Hearing Care we will make sure the right battery is supplied and in stock to suit your purchase.


To order your batteries call 13 MY EARS (13 69 3277) and we can post new hearing aid batteries to you or you can visit us in store.

How to change batteries for BTE hearing aids

BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids. Watch & learn how to change batteries.

Which hearing aid battery is right for your device?

hearing aids batteries with various dimensions

Hearing aid batteries come in four sizes and are colour coded to help you easily identify the right size. 

  • Size 10 batteries have a yellow tab
  • Size 13 batteries have an orange tab
  • Size 312 batteries have a brown tab
  • Size 675 batteries have a blue tab

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How to change batteries for ITE hearing aids

ITE (in the ear canal) hearing aids. Watch & learn how to change batteries.

Hearing aid battery activation tip

someone placing an hearing aid battery in an hearing aid

Our hearing aid batteries are air-activated, which means they do not begin working until the coloured tab is removed and air enters the battery cell. Remove and discard the tab only when you are ready to use the battery. The tab cannot be reused.

Need to repurchase?

To purchase hearing aid batteries or to reorder your pre-paid batteries, simply contact your local NHC clinic.

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