Amplifon hearing aid prices

How much do hearing aids cost?

National Hearing Care and Amplifon has over 65 years experience in specialised hearing care and we aim to provide all our customers with hearing aids to suit any budget. Faced with the signs of a hearing loss, a hearing aid considerably improves quality of life.

a grandfather wearing hearing aids watching a football game with his grandson

Discover our financing options

Depending on your personal circumstances, there are various funding options available. Whether you're a private client, pensioner or workers compensation client we can assist to find the best option for you.

Prices are dependent on the level of technology built into the hearing aids, not necessarily the size of them. So, starting from very affordable options to premium aids that are loaded with the latest technology features, you will have different options presented by our hearing care experts.

Pricing depends on a selection of hearing aid benefits which can be tailored to meet your personal hearing needs. For example:

  • Invisibility
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Level of comfort
  • Understanding in the noise and adaptability of the hearing aid to its environment
  • Rechargeability

In order to provide you even more flexibility, we have flexible monthly payment options that you can explore. To learn more about our hearing aids and funding options please contact your local National Hearing Care clinic. 

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