The latest in high-tech hearing

Today’s hearing aids can do so much more than just help with your hearing.

Packed with the latest technology, they're now smarter than ever. Some of the newer models can automatically reduce wind noise or turn into wireless stereo headphones. If you have a Smart Home to pair them with, certain clever hearing aids can even alert you if someones at the door or switch on your lights. If your hearing aid goes missing, theres even an app to help you find it. Visit National Hearing Care for the latest in hearing technology 

Technologies to wrap your ears around

Explore the exciting innovations found in many of todays hearing aids. Here are a few to watch for:


Its never been easier to stream audio directly from your smartphone. Wireless technology found in modern hearing aids gives you the freedom to listen (and dance) to your favourite songs or movies


Make everything sound just the way you like it. Simply save your favourite settings for home, work, the café or outdoors  and your hearing aids will adjust automatically whenever youre in that location.

Noise reduction

Sometimes, life gets all too noisy. Noise Reduction technology helps to eliminate uncomfortable sounds like the clatter of silverware, wind noise or annoying feedback.


Link your hearing aid to all kinds of smart devices or services at home and experience convenience like never before. Imagine turning on your hearing aids and instantly seeing your lights come on or being notified when your washing is done. Or hearing a gentle chime when someone's at the door while youre outdoors gardening. When coupled with Smart Home connectivity, you can experience hearing aids like never before.


The Amplifon App gives you even greater control. You can fine-tune sounds to suit your tastes, check battery status, customise preferences, and even locate your hearing aid if it goes missing.
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Features that fit your life

These high-tech features and accessories make living with your hearing aids even easier (and better). Whether you like bingeing on your favourite shows at home or love getting outdoors, theres something for every lifestyle. Like any of these features? Speak to your audiologist to find the perfect choice for you.

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For entertainment lovers

TV Mode lets you watch television in comfort with your family. You can stream audio wirelessly from the TV straight to your hearing aid via your TV Streamer. Best of all, you can change the volume independently of the TVs speaker so everyones happy.

Remote controls give you better access to your hearing settings without having to leave the couch. With buttons and a backlit display, they make it easier to adjust the volume, settings and toggle through the programs instantly.

Smart homes promise even more exciting possibilities. If you have smart devices at home, you can connect your hearing device to detect when the doorbell rings or when a smoke alarm goes off. The device will flash, vibrate or play a series of sounds.

For social butterflies

  1. Location settings: For those on the go, GPS data means your hearing aids will remember your favourite locations and adjust things like volume and noise reduction for you. So whether youre at work, the golf course or beach, youll hear sounds in life the way you like them.
  2. Wind reduction: This setting automatically activates to reduce discomfort when its really windy outside or if you love driving with the windows down.
  3. Comfort phone: This feature detects if youre holding a phone to your ear and will adjust the volume automatically for ultimate comfort. Youll hear crystal clear sounds through the phone, while your other ears volume will decrease slightly allowing you to take the call comfortably.
  4. Speech focus: When theres lots of background chatter, some hearing aids let you zero in on the person talking allowing you to hear them more clearly.
  5. Multi Mic: Follow whats being said, even in a crowded restaurant or business event with this tiny wireless device. It clips onto the speakers clothing and streams whatever theyre saying across the room and directly to you.



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