Amplifon Smartphone App

Take greater control of your hearing aids

The Amplifon smartphone App allows you to adjust the functions and features of your hearing aids in the palm of your hands. 

Amplifon App features

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aid
  • Choose between different listening programs to suit different noise environments
  • Personalise your hearing settings by managing streaming volume, editing bass and treble settings
  • Create and save personal programs that suit you
  • Where did you leave your hearing aids? Use the Find My Hearing Aid location feature
  • Educate yourself with the Knowledge Centre articles, news, videos and FAQs about hearing aids and hearing health
  • Find the National Hearing Care store closest to you
  • Book your next appointment directly in the App
Introducing the Amplifon Hearing Aid App

Introducing the Amplifon App

Check if your device is compatible

Find out if your phone is compatible with the App by downloading our latest Smartphone compatibility list (v2.1.0 - May 2020)

Download compatibility list
Type PDF
Size 0.92 mb

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For Android smartphones

Download instructions for use

Take control of your hearing aids through your smartphone. Get the most out of your app by downloading the instruction manual (v12.0 - June 2020)

Download instruction manual
Type PDF
Size 1.95 mb
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