How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids do many things, but they do two things very well: amplifying and clarifying sounds.

Hearing aids are designed to amplify selectively - helping to cut down on the background noise and amplifying the sounds we most want to hear. The hearing aids then process the sounds to remove other distractions and create clearer sounds, which are easier to hear and understand.

At National Hearing Care, we believe our range of hearing aids stand out in quality, reliability and warranty. Your Audiologists or Audiometrist will customise the hearing aid to your specific lifestyle and listening needs.

As you get used to your hearing aids we pay close attention and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your hearing aids are working perfectly for you.

How A Hearing Aid Works

A hearing aid is a highly technological device. You’ll find five components: a microphone, a digital chip, an amplifier, a receiver and a battery. In addition, the hearing aid is 'brought to life' by extremely powerful software. This highly sophisticated communication device is programmed by your hearing care professional to meet your specific needs. Download to learn more!

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