Routine check-ups

Is it time to have your hearing aids checked?

When you purchase a hearing aid with National Hearing Care, you are not just purchasing a top of the range product suited to your listening needs, but you are also getting the expert advice and ongoing support. 

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Keep in touch

It’s important to us that the hearing aid is working for you and improving your day-to-day life. Our specialists continue their role of assistance beyond the purchase and we encourage our customers to call for any issues, concerns or celebrations! Every customer is different and so a custom solution is the only option to cater to every need.

First year check ups

Over the first year of use, it is recommended that you come in for your hearing aid tuning at least 3 times a year. With frequent hearing aid check and testing conducted, we are better able to provide you with exactly what you need.

Regular tune-up after one year

Within the first year of using your device, we will work with you on the best setting to sure you have the best hearing experience. If you have any concerns about your hearing or hearing devices, we encourage you to contact your local clinic assistance any time. Keeping in touch regularly means that your hearing aids will always work to your satisfaction.

Have your hearing aid checked regularly and only by professionals.

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Learn more on how to keep your hearing aid clean, travelling or making exercise with your hearing aids.

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