News & Research

5 June 2018

National Hearing Care opens new store in Sale, Victoria. Download the Press Release here.

19 April 2018

Research at Australian National University is showing that poor sound quality impacts our critical judgement. We are less likely to believe or trust information we cannot hear clearly. Dr Eryn Newman described this on ABC radio

2 March 2018

Minister For Aged Care and Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt MP, speaks on the value of using hearing aids

3 January 2018

Death, Depression, Disability and Dementia Associated with Self-Reported Hearing Problems: a 25-year Study

Research presented to the European Parliament in 2018 shows the link between hearing loss, dementia and depression: Hélène Amieva, PhD, Camille Ouvrard, PhD, Céline Meillon, MSc, Laetitia Rullier, PhD, and Jean-François Dartigues, MD, PhD, Death, “Depression, Disability, and Dementia Associated With Self-reported Hearing Problems: A 25-Year Study,” J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 2018, Vol. 00, No. 00, 1–7, 2018

16 December 2017

Dementia Prevention, Intervention & Care

The highly respected Lancet Commission report on Dementia shows that treating hearing loss in mid-life is the single most effective measure someone can take to minimise early onset dementia: The Lancet: Dementia prevention, intervention and care, July 2017.

1 October 2017

Hearing aid use and mild hearing impairment: learnings from big data

Research that used objective data from 8,500 hearing aids concludes people with mild hearing loss use hearing aids as much as people with higher levels of hearing loss: Timmer, Barbra H. B., Hickson, Louise, Launer, Stefan., Hearing Aid Use and Mild Hearing Impairment: Learnings from Big Data, Journal of American Academy of Audiology, January 2017

June 2017

The Social and Economic Cost of Hearing Loss in Australia

The Deloitte/Hearing Care Industry Association Landmark 2017 report on the social and economic cost of hearing loss in Australia