Kevin's Story

I will never forget the first day my hearing aids were fitted. Afterward I went to a meeting and my colleague wondered why I had been so quiet. I replied that there were three reasons: firstly, every time I spoke I could hear myself and it shocked me so much it threw me off what I was saying. Secondly, it was overwhelming to discover that most people actually hear everything that is said at meetings - I had never known that before! The third reason I was so quiet was because discovering what it was like to hear, and understanding everything that was said, was such a powerful experience it was all I could do to hold back my tears. Gratitude is to experience what it is like to live without hearing and then being able to hear again.

Mary's Story

My husband had been really annoyed with me as I could not hear him when he spoke to me. We have been happily married for 45 years but one morning my husband was so frustrated with my hearing problem, he left for the day without saying goodbye.

The same day we received a pamphlet in our letter box from National Hearing Care explaining the wonderful and user friendly hearing aids available.

We laughed about this later as my husband thought I would think he arranged the delivery of the pamphlet. My life is much better now as I can join in conversations with friends, family and grandchildren. My husband is much happier now not having to yell at me.

Tony's Story

When I left the National Hearing Care clinic with my new hearing aids, I stepped out of the door into a new noisy world. A trip home that would normally take ten minutes took nearly an hour, as I stopped to pay attention to all the sounds I could now hear...the rain on the roof, the ‘swooshing’ of the wipers, the ‘humming of the tyres on the road, the ‘rumbling’ of the diesel engines, horns ‘honking’ and the traffic as it 'howled' in all directions.

How long had these melodious sounds been going on? I had obviously been living in a hushed bubble. Over the next few days I experienced the local magpies greeting me ‘good morning’, our pet sheep bleating for a snack and most importantly I was now able to have conversations with my family and friends.

Why did I take so long to walk through that door and ask for help? Everyday, a new sound, a bigger smile.

Disclaimer: All testimonials are from participants who received a gift voucher in exchange for their testimonial.