Signs of Hearing Loss

What are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is very common, especially among people over 50. Around 3.5 million Australian adults currently experience some symptoms. You may be feeling embarrassed because you cannot hear conversations properly. Maybe you’re worried you’re antagonising friends by asking them to repeat themselves all the time. Or perhaps you can hear buzzing or ringing in your ears. The good news is there are many ways you can improve your hearing.

As a first step, take our online hearing test or take the online test to assess whether a friend or family member has hearing loss.

Early signs of hearing loss

You may not be able to hear people talking around you clearly. They may seem to be speaking too quietly or you may not be able to make out certain words and phrases. Understanding other people’s speech against background noise or in crowds may be hard. You may have trouble working out who’s speaking to you when it’s noisy. The effort of trying to understand may be making you feel tired, frustrated, lonely or depressed. If you believe you may be experiencing signs of hearing loss, we can help.

More signs of hearing loss

1.    Other people complain noise you’re making is too loud

Whether you’re watching TV, listening to music or talking on the phone, you think the noise level is normal until other people tell you it’s too loud.

2.     You can’t understand other people

You cannot hear someone properly when they are speaking to you, even though everyone else can understand them perfectly. You find you are asking people to repeat what they have said a lot.

3.     You can’t hear the phone ring

You miss calls because you cannot hear the phone ring.

4.    Your family or friends say you might have hearing loss

Identifying hearing problems is not easy, and your family and friends may notice changes in your behaviour before you do.


How do I know I have a hearing problem?

  • It sounds like people are mumbling when they're talking to me
  • I ask people to repeat themselves, even when it’s quiet
  • I get tired from concentrating to understand what people are saying
  • I have difficulty hearing in restaurants when there is a lot of background noise
  • I find it difficult to work out what direction sound is coming from
  • I find it harder to hear female or children’s voices
  • I find it difficult to hear from a distance in quieter environment

  • I need the TV up louder than others
  • People tell me I speak loudly
  • I feel I need to lean in when I'm talking to somebody
  • I have a family history of hearing loss
  • I have a history of exposure to noise in my workplace
  • I have a constant ringing in my ears
  • I take medication that can harm my hearing? (ototoxic drugs)

If you answer yes to at least two of these questions, you might have hearing loss. It’s okay. You’re not alone. Help is available. It takes an average of seven years for someone with hearing difficulties to seek help. Take an online hearing test now or book an appointment today and you will be on your way to better hearing.